Custom Shredders

Custom Shredder build by Material Recovery Solutions

Custom Shredding machines

Australian designed and built by Material Recovery Solutions

  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Speed and torque control
  • Shredding large plastic items down to flake
  • Screen used to insure correct flake size is achieved
  • Largest item size – 1.5m by 1.5m by 3m

Materials being destroyed – 

  • wheelie bins of various sizes up to 1100L
  • traffic cones
  • car bumpers 
  • Catalogues and other bulky papers 
  • Numerous material types

Australian designed and built by Material Recovery Solutions

  • Infeed and exit conveyor
  • Diverter valve automated to fill bulker bags
Tailored Shredding Machines for waste recycling and product destruction
Custom shredding machines close up for Tailored Shredding Machines
Planning of Custom shredding machines


We can build custom shredders suitable for:

Bulky Waste Recycling
Green Waste Disposal & Recycling
Hazardous Waste Disposal & Recycling
Industrial Waste Recycling
Metal Recycling
MSW Shredding
Pallet Recycling
Paper Shredding
Plastic Recycling
Tire Recycling
Wood Recycling

And more.

Tailored Solutions for Every Waste Challenge

At Material Recovery Solutions, our commitment to innovation extends to crafting custom shredders that cater to an extensive range of applications. With a keen focus on versatility and precision, our custom-built shredders are engineered to tackle diverse waste challenges, offering tailored solutions for industries across the spectrum.

Bulky Waste Recycling

Our custom shredders excel in bulky waste recycling, efficiently reducing oversized items to manageable sizes. Whether you’re dealing with large plastic items, industrial waste, or discarded materials, our shredders are designed to maximise efficiency and streamline the size reduction process, contributing to a more sustainable waste management approach.

Green Waste Disposal & Recycling

For green waste disposal and recycling, our custom shredders provide an effective solution for breaking down organic materials. From garden waste to agricultural by-products, our shredders ensure thorough processing, facilitating environmentally conscious practices and contributing to the creation of valuable compost and organic matter.


In the realm of biomass processing, our custom-built shredders play a crucial role in preparing organic materials for energy generation. Whether you’re involved in bioenergy production or biomass fuel manufacturing, our shredders ensure optimal size reduction, enhancing the efficiency of biomass conversion processes.

Hazardous Waste Disposal & Recycling

Handling hazardous waste requires specialised solutions, and our custom shredders are up to the task. Equipped with advanced shredding programs, these machines ensure secure and efficient destruction of hazardous materials, promoting environmental safety and compliance with waste disposal regulations.

Industrial Waste Recycling

Industries with diverse manufacturing processes can rely on our custom shredders to address the unique demands of industrial waste recycling. From scrap materials to production waste, our shredders contribute to reducing waste volumes and promoting sustainable practices within the industrial landscape.


Our custom shredders play a pivotal role in landfill waste management by efficiently reducing the volume of materials destined for disposal. By incorporating our shredders into landfill operations, you can significantly mitigate the environmental impact of waste accumulation while optimising the use of landfill space.

Metal Recycling

In the domain of metal recycling, our custom-built shredders deliver precision in shredding, ensuring optimal processing of scrap metal. Whether you’re involved in ferrous or non-ferrous metal recycling, our shredders contribute to the efficient recovery of valuable metals, supporting sustainable practices in the metal recycling industry.

MSW Shredding

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) poses unique challenges, and our custom shredders offer comprehensive solutions for processing diverse waste streams. From household waste to commercial and industrial discards, our shredders contribute to effective MSW shredding, fostering efficient waste management within urban environments.

Pallet Recycling

For businesses engaged in pallet recycling, our custom shredders are tailored to transform discarded pallets into valuable resources. The efficient shredding process ensures the breakdown of pallet materials, facilitating the recovery of wood and other components for reuse and recycling.

Paper Shredding

Confidential document destruction is a critical aspect of waste management, and our custom shredders excel in paper shredding. Whether you’re a business, government entity, or organization, our shredders provide a secure and efficient solution for destroying sensitive documents, safeguarding information and privacy.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling demands precision, and our custom shredders are designed to deliver optimal results in shredding plastic materials. From plastic bottles to industrial plastics, our shredders contribute to the efficient processing of plastic waste, supporting sustainable practices in the plastic recycling industry.

RDF: Enhancing the Quality of Refuse-Derived Fuel

Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) production requires efficient size reduction, and our custom shredders play a key role in enhancing the quality of RDF. By precisely shredding diverse waste streams, our machines contribute to the creation of high-quality RDF, supporting energy recovery and waste-to-energy initiatives.

Tire Recycling: Shredding machines for Sustainable Tire-Derived Products

Tire recycling is a complex process, and our custom shredders are designed for precision in shredding tires. Whether you’re producing tire-derived fuel, crumb rubber, or other recycled tire products, our shredders play a crucial role in facilitating sustainable tire recycling practices.

Wood Recycling

In the realm of wood recycling, our custom-built shredders transform wood waste into renewable resources. From pallets to construction waste, our shredders efficiently process wood materials, contributing to the production of biomass, mulch, and other valuable wood-derived products.

And More: Tailoring Solutions for Your Unique Waste Management Needs

The versatility of our custom shredders extends beyond the listed applications. At Material Recovery Solutions, we understand that every industry and waste stream is unique. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific waste management needs. Contact us today to explore the extensive range of applications our custom shredders can address and revolutionise your waste management processes.

We supply and service Shredtech shredders, you can view their range of shredders here.

Custom Shredding Machines for Precision Waste Management

Our Australian-designed and built custom shredding machines redefine waste management, providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. With a focus on precision, power, and environmental responsibility, our shredding machines are at the forefront of the industry.

Shredding Large Plastic Items with Precision

Our custom balers, equipped with a hydraulic drive system, offer unparalleled speed and torque control, ensuring efficient shredding of large plastic items down to precise flakes. A dedicated screen guarantees the correct flake size, providing a versatile solution for a variety of materials. The impressive capacity accommodates items as large as 1.5m by 1.5m by 3m.

Among the materials efficiently destroyed by our shredding machines are wheelie bins of various sizes (up to 1100L), traffic cones, car bumpers, bulky papers like catalogues, and a wide array of material types. The meticulous design and construction of our shredding machines reflect our commitment to achieving optimal results in waste reduction and recycling.

Conveyor: Seamless Material Handling with Infeed and Exit Shredding Machines

Our infeed and exit conveyors, also Australian designed and built, seamlessly integrate with our custom shredding machines, forming a comprehensive waste management system. The diverter valve, automated to fill bulker bags, enhances operational efficiency and ensures a smooth material flow throughout the shredding process.

At Material Recovery Solutions, we understand that effective waste management goes beyond shredding; it involves a well-coordinated system that maximizes efficiency. Our conveyor belts play a crucial role in streamlining the material handling process, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly waste management approach.

Tailored to Your Needs: Custom Solutions for Every Shredding Machines Application

What sets our custom shredding machines apart is their adaptability to a wide range of materials and applications. Whether you’re dealing with bulky plastics, paper, or diverse material types, our shredding machines are engineered to deliver consistent and reliable results. We take pride in our ability to customize shredding solutions that align perfectly with your industry’s requirements.

Environmental Responsibility: Australian Quality, Global Impact

As an Australian company committed to environmental responsibility, Material Recovery Solutions ensures that our shredding machines adhere to the highest quality standards. Our emphasis on local design and manufacturing not only supports the Australian economy but also reflects our dedication to reducing the carbon footprint associated with global product transportation.

Contact Us for Your Custom Shredding Machines Solution

Discover the next level of waste management with Material Recovery Solutions. Whether you’re looking to shred large plastic items, handle diverse materials, or streamline your waste management processes, our custom shredding machines and conveyors are designed to exceed your expectations. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey towards efficient and sustainable waste management tailored to your unique needs.

custom shredding machines such as Product Destruction for Safe and Reliable Disposal
Custom Build shredding machines for Tailored Shredding Solutions

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